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I've found the following links and places interesting sources of info...

Italian deli in the Midlands.  They have a great recipe page and run courses in sausage-making (like Salamis).  I met the owner in a pub in Padstow of all places, and he had some great ideas for GF breads using traditional Italian recipes.

Always good to support a local business, and these guys are local to me in North Devon.  Their bread and pasties are delicious, and if you are in the area you can try for yourself at Gerties, Mill Street, Bideford.

The MOST USEFUL resource if you are straying far from home.  I make a point of reviewing places I've eaten out that catered well for my varying food-fuss.  Then email the companies to say thanks and let them know the review is there.  I always add a bit about coeliac being a big and growing market.

Join my Facebook page to automatically know when there are new recipes.  I also link through interesting news now and then that I've found on the web (but it's NOT a product marketing gimmick).

The place to go for decent info on any form of hypoglycaemia.  It's a really informative site and has helped me no end since my Reactive Hypoglycaemia diagnosis.  Those Aussie's know how to do food health!

Creators and researchers of the LowFODMAP diet.  Started in Australia, the diet has now been adopted by the NHS and is used to treat IBS with great success.  Use this website as a starting point.

Without Gluten Blog
Useful blog with recipes, news, advice and links.  

Baked to Taste
Purveyors of pasties, pies, scones and cakes - the West Country way.  Really delicious food!

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