Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pesto Chick Peas (GF Low Lactose LowFODMAP LowGI)

Chick peas - good for you but very dull.  Pesto - tasty, but usually served with high-carb pasta.  So I had a brainwave and put the two together.  I'm glad I did because it is unbelievably delicious and guilt-free!


Chickpeas (best to soak and cook your own)
Pine nuts
Fresh Basil Leaves
Dash of Lemon juice
Olive Oil

Soak the chickpeas overnight, then cook following the directions on the packet (or cheat and use tinned chickpeas, but remember to use less salt in the pesto if you do).  

Now make the pesto.  Toast the pine nuts in a clean, dry frying pan.  Tear fresh basil leaves then slice into small pieces.  Put both in a bowl and mix together.  Add the salt, lemon juice and a glug of olive oil.  Use a potato peeler to shave parmesan onto the mixture.  Stir together.

When the chickpeas are cooked, mix together with the pesto and serve with a garden salad, or halve baby plum tomatoes and mix into the dish.

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