Friday, 10 August 2012

Flatbread Wraps (GF LF LowGI)

As I was going to St Ives,
I met a man with one wife
Who was an Italian Cookery Teacher and Sausage Maker Supreme.

He told me all about the low incidence of Coeliac in Italy, put down to their peasant diet when they couldn't afford wheat flour, and instead made their breads with chick peas and polenta.  When I got home, he sent me a lovely e-mail, stuffed with tips of what to look for to make GF breads.  If you'd like to look at his deli and cookery website it's at (Squisito is Italian for Exquisite).  Expect more recipes to come, but try this for starters.  So simple and delicious!

Chickpea flour (gram flour)
Oil for frying

Use one and a half times the amount of water to flour.  I used 70g of flour and about 100ml of water, which was enough for two flatbreads.

Mix the flour and water together, sieving the gram flour if clumping.  Leave the mixture to sit for half an hour - you can give the occasional stir if you like.  When it has become a batter-like consistency, heat the oil in a thick-based pan and cook as pancakes.  Cook evenly on both sides.  

I served mine with fresh lettuce, red pepper and Portuguese Sardines in Tomato Sauce.

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